Ok here goes…. My first blog entry and the beginning of something, maybe something huge, maybe just the beginning of me being me…. First I’d like to introduce myself…I am a single mom, fitness instructor, friend, truth teller, daughter, sister, aunt, and ex-wife. I have lived a full life with many experiences most of which I plan to share with you. I promise to be honest even when it hurts…and to be real even when it’s unflattering. I have had the kind of life that funny stories are made of, some of which will be almost unbelievable… but I promise you they are true.  I hope to make you laugh, maybe even cry and will definitely entertain you. Hopefully, every so often you take pause and even feel motivated to change the way you were living that wasn’t quite working for you.

Somethings I say may resonate with you,  some might offend. Take it for what it is as it applies to you. Love me, hate me, write me off, even judge me… it’s all good… but that why I haven’t told you my name.

Currently, I am listening to Beyoncé. I always listen to music when I write… Why? Because I feel a connection to the artist even if it’s just a thru sick beat or relatable verse. But Beyoncé is different…she is Beyoncé and without knowing it or me, she wrote MY story in her last album, Lemonade. I loved her before but after I watched the visual album it but it changed me. It validated the pain I’ve felt and helped me to heal…. “Ashes to ashes…. Dust to side chicks.”

I believe that music feeds the soul and teaches us about life and ourselves. I joke that hip-hop music raised me and everything you need to know you will learn if you listen –carefully. But there is truth to that…. Getting inside the mind of a man if you are a woman is a gift and visa-versa. Most men and women don’t want to admit how they really see the opposite sex or their true intentions….. however if you turn that truth into a song or a rap verse its out there and accepted, even revered by the public. So I “do dream in color and in rhyme” and I will quote song and verse lyrics. I think Kanye West is a genius no matter how bad his behavior is. I fell in love with Lil Wayne the first time I heard him rap, I respect Beyoncé for choosing her family and her empire over her ego…. and to Jay-Z for owning his shit, sharing his story, and encouraging other men to have conversations about their truths and mistakes.

But, this blog isn’t about music, Hip Hop, or Beyoncé, it’s not even about me. It’s about you and every other person that reads it. It’s about humanity and how kindness and love ALWAYS prevails. Ladies, it’s about respecting yourself to know what is good for you and making good decisions. Men its about growing the fuck up and understanding what it is to be a MAN. I hope you remember that this is my opinion and just that. I am not trying to school you or get your validation.

“We are all here for a reason on a particular path. You don’t need a curriculum to know that you are apart of the math. Cats think I am delirious but I’m so damn serious. That’s why I expose my soul to the globe; the world. I’m trying to make it better for these boys and girls. I’m not just another individual, My spirit is a part of this that’s why its spiritual. But I get my hymns from Him so it’s not me it’s he that’s lyrical. I’m not a miracle, I’m a heaven-sent instrument.” K.West

See what I mean?

I look forward to this journey together…. As I open myself up to you I grow…  and maybe you will feel something you want to share and so it begins…..

“Come harder this won’t be easy don’t doubt yourself trust me you need me. This ain’t no shoulder with a chip or an ego. But what do you think they all mad at me for? You need a real woman in your life that’s a good look…..”



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