I sit here and watch people show up every day to the gym. The have the clothes, the shoes, sometimes the determination,  and always an excuse.  If you really want something, you will make it happen. You will set aside time for your workouts. You will wake up early or stay up late, and you sure as shit better watch what you put into your mouth because a bad diet can cancel out any hard work you’ve put in all week.

On the real, you cant take a spin class and then go to In-N-Out and expect to have abs.

I get called a bitch on the regular for just doing my job. That’s not ok. I try to keep it fresh and stay motivating. Encouraging,  day after day, class after class, week after week.

I actually care enough to want you to succeed. But I’m the bitch????? Guess what… I am also a person and this IS MY JOB. There is no clause in my job description that states that I am to take on your issues or be treated with disrespect.

I try to make sure that you are safe and comfortable and get a great workout… that IS my job. I want you to feel fantastic when you walk out of my class because you accomplished a goal you set for yourself. That’s my humanity…. or wait no,  that’s right… I am a bitch.

I will never disrespect you …. But push me hard enough and I  just no longer see you.

“before you read me you’ve got to learn how to see me”

So think about the person that you rely on for motivation. Understand that for every hour of class taught 3-4 have gone into planning, choosing the perfect music and routine. Remember that we too are human and have outside influences that may affect our energy or ability to focus.

Just like I cut you slack when I see you struggling, do the same for me. Be human, be kind…… you can never go wrong with an act of kindness and I’m willing to bet that if you give a little you will get a lot.

“I know where you been, where you are, where you are goin’

I know you are the reason I believe in life. What’s the day without a little night”? 

I’m just tryin to shed a little light, it can be hard, it can be so hard… 

But you gotta live  right now you got everything to give right now….”

Be nice…. A.K.

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