Namaste’ Bitches

Well, there is an intro for you…

So I teach yoga… have the definition of Namaste’ Tattoo’d on my body and have many inspirational quotes to share. Does that mean I am more enlightened than you? No.

Yoga instructors are some of the biggest nutjobs (myself included) that I have ever met. What drives someone to want to teach a format that is so mentally and physically challenging? Why would we ON PURPOSE put ourselves on display to be judged or even worse be looked up to as if we actually knew anything…. EGO? Maybe. Or maybe just maybe we actually do want to help. Genuinely want to heal or inspire. But how do you do that in an hour yoga class? Truth is.. you don’t.

Yoga Instructors go through hours of training, we learn the body, we learn the mind, we learn how to connect the two…  But in reality, it is our Western culture taking over Eastern healing properties (poses)  and making it a workout class… yikes.

But it works, for almost everyone it works. I have seen huge transformations in people simply by practicing yoga on a regular basis.

How does it work? You show up. You suck it up and do the best you can at the moment. You breathe. You don’t think about what happened before the class and don’t worry about what will happen after. You become truly present. Now, what other times can you say you are truly 100% present? In spin class? Nope, you are on your phones…Lifting weights? Nah, you are looking around to see who is looking at you… During another group class? Probably not because you are too busy being concerned with what everyone else is doing and competing with them.

Here’s the thing in yoga… we remind to set your ego aside. Not to worry about what the person next to you is doing. Clear your mind, (don’t you dare look at your phone). Have compassion for yourself and appreciate your body for what it can do right here right now at this moment. No judgment. No self- loathing. To feel santosha/contentment  (I also have that tattooed on my body but it’s on my back so I often forget it… Yikes part 2). It’s that feeling that caused people to become “addicted” to yoga. We become addicted to a break from ourselves, our “real lives”

Now if we could just instill those behaviors in our daily life, maybe we can change. From the inside out. It starts with you, it ends with you…. what happens in the interim is entirely up to YOU.

Breathe in through your nose out through your nose…. take it one pose at a time..

Practice your Yoga…

“And though I never learned to play I won’t forget, the secrets of the game are all but dead. The coin turns to reveal both its heads. There is still a deal… I won’t forget.

Now I don’t even want to build on the layers, there is no need to complicate a simple phrase’

Hey there baby, we’ll be fine. I’ll always want your peace of mind. I’ll always look forward to better days ahead” Jezebels

Namaste’ A.K