“This is a public service announcement………”

“Fellow Americans it is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present this recording, as a living testament and recollection, of history in the making during our generation”

“Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is HOV….. H to the OV.”

“Now before I finish let me just say, I did not come here to show out, I did not come here to impress you” Because to tell you the truth when I leave here I’m gone!  And I don’t care what you think about me but just remember, when the shit hits the fan brother, whether its next year, ten years, twenty years back,  you’re never gonna be able to say I that lied to you Jack”

“I gotta a hustlers spirit, check out my hat yo, peep the way I wear it. Check out my swag yo, I walk like a ballplayer.  No matter where you go, you are what you are player.  And you can try to change that but that’s just top layer. Man, you was who you was before you got here. Only God can judge me, so I’m gone. Either love me or leave me alone”

That is top 5 Favorite JayZ songs… Why? Did you read the lyrics???

I have found in this life so many people who are constantly fronting (Put on a fake or false personality, NOT keeping it real). 

The reason question is WHY? I find it refreshing (although I’m in the minority it seems,) to be around people who are transparent and honest. Honest with themselves and honest with me. What the hell is so scary about the truth? I’d much rather someone just tell me the truth  I don’t like you (whats not to like, but whatever)  or you talk too much (and……??) than turning that simple truth into something big and dramatic and uncalled for.

Here’s the kicker: Most people don’t truly know the people they claim not to like…..ahhhhh. So why in the hell are they making a character assessment on simple behaviors that they may or may not even understand? Those behaviors may be different than yours but is it your job to judge that person based on what you see or hear? No.

Nobody likes me….. Hahahaha, well maybe a few people do but I have a lot of haters. Why? I’m not really sure because the people who do not like me DO NOT KNOW ME. They make an assumption about who I am without even getting to know me. In their defense, I do have my walls up most of the time. Mostly because I’ve been dealing with this shit for it seems like ever.

For Example: The Starbucks lady.  This woman doesn’t even know my name or anything about me but goes out of her way every time I see her be nasty and rude. Why? Because One day I passed the check out line and went straight to the bar to pick up the drink THAT I HAD ORDERED AHEAD. She screamed at me “There are 10 people ahead of you” I just looked at her, picked up my drink, turned on my heel, swung my long blonde pony and walked out. Not my fault she doesn’t use the app. A few days later I see her again standing near the bar hands on her hips literally blocking my way, this time the pony was light brown,( I wanted you to have the full visual). I walked up to her and say “excuse me Wonder Woman” (don’t forget she was standing with her hands on hips and legs in wide stance), and picked up my drink. She was livid but speechless. As I walked out, I said good morning and thank you to each barista by name. I am almost at the door when I hear her yell… bitch! I turned around gave her the long look, long enough for people to stop their conversations, I’m sure they were wondering if there was about to be a girl fight right there in their local Starbucks. I just rolled my eyes and kept it moving. The very next day I tried to order my coffee but the app was down, I saw her car in the parking lot and thought great here we go. I walked into the store and she yells from the other end “THE APP ISNT WORKING NOW YOU HAVE TO STAND IN LINE” I’m thinking, this bitch… but I say nothing walk to get in line. My favorite barista came around the counter and handed me my drink that was already ready (on the house). Aint karma a bitch. I purposely walked past her with my drink to get a straw, she was huffing and puffing to anyone who would listen. I turned to her smiled and said: “have a GREAT day” she looked at me and said “oh fuck off”…. the only sound in that store after that was the sound of my laughter as I walked out.

(I just read that to my daughter, she laughed. It’s a miracle!)

Anyway, back to the point, what was the point? oh ya… don’t be so quick to judge or dislike someone. It takes up so much unnecessary energy, and they might actually be a cool person that may make you laugh or be a great friend. Sometimes we find the most beautiful souls are just a little more hidden than the rest. Be open. Be kind..treat others the way YOU want to be treated… it’s as simple as that.

keep it real… A.K.



One thought on “P.S.A.

  1. Amen! Preach Kellie!!
    A smile and a kind voice are so easy to give and reap great rewards!!
    Rude, ugly remarks are hard to forget or get over.


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