The wait

“N-now th- that don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now ’cause I can’t wait much longer. I know I got to be right now.  Cause I can’t get much wronger. Man, I’ve been waiting all night now. That’s how long I’ve been on ya..I need you right now. Harder, better, faster, stronger….”

“But I know God put YOU in front of me, so how the hell could you front On me. There are thousands of you’s there’s only one of me. I’m Trippin I’m caught up in a moment, right.  We will do everything that Kan like and won’t do anything until the time is right.”- Stronger- Kanye West

I recently heard Devon Franklin interviewed on Ryan Seacrest’s show. I was immediately drawn to him and his philosophies.  He spoke about preparing ourselves for what we want in life. And that the only things we could control was how ready we were for those situations, and then how we dealt with them once they came into fruition.  He used his wife actress Meagan Good as an example.  She wanted to be cast as a superhero in a movie but her body type doesn’t scream badass. Devon suggested that she start to workout prior to ever auditioning for superhero roles, so when that call came and she walked into an audition for a badass bitch… she looked like one (my words not his).

I came home and told my mom about the interview.  She went to our local library and brought home the book that Devon and Meagan wrote together called The Wait. Its a book on how they as a couple waited to sleep together before getting married and a breakdown on why it is such an effective tool.

I am very transparent about my social life (we all know I don’t have one) which includes a sex life. So although this book is amazing and full of great information, waiting to have sex with my imaginary boyfriend isn’t exactly haunting me on a daily basis.

Most of the time I am ok with it. You get busy, I’m active. One year turns to two and now we are at……. well let’s say it’s been awhile. And like I said most days I don’t even think about it, but there are those days when Ill see a couple at the mall holding hands and kissing and think hmmmmmm, a man in my life would be nice.

One particular morning I was already in a sad, why me, I’m hideous and no one will ever love me mood. It was early and I was standing in line for coffee (this time at the coffee bean). The lady in front of me was dressed as if she were going out for cocktails and clearly hadn’t checked her hair before she left the house.  When she went to order to the hard of hearing barista and said loudly ” I just want a coffee to go. Can you believe this, I spent the night with a guy I met last night and I woke up to discover he did not own a coffee pot?!”  No, no, no, not today, I thought. The deaf bartisa then asks her if she wants something to eat. “No, I just want my morning cup of coffee because the guy didn’t even own a coffee pot”. Please shut up….I was thinking… at least you got some last night. “I had to get off the freeway on my way home just to get a cup of coffee”. Bitch shut up... I almost said as I grown out loud….and roll my eyes. Finally, the old deaf barista brings the loud mouth her coffee, she turns around and I am face to face with…. A MUSTACHE!!. Not a man dressed as a woman, but a woman that clearly had no regard for facial grooming. A  mustache!! I’m speechless, the mustache lady had no problem getting some action while here I am too many years celibate.

When I got to the gym and told the story with vocal inflections and all, my members and I  laughed and laughed….So there is always a positive in any situation. And in case you are wondering…. I’m still waiting. But Ladies please….. handle your facial hair!!

To one of my dearest friends who doesn’t have a mustache, but always makes me laugh, Lori Williams ! Love, A.K.









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