Let me preface this by saying that I have been teaching Group Exercise classes for over 26 years (don’t do the math. I’m old). Teaching at least 15-20 classes a week for that many years and over 17 locations, I’ve met a lot of people… and rarely do I forget a face…….

A few nights ago I was teaching at a local gym and a man was in my class who I recognized from years ago. Different gym, 45 miles away but this guys faced was buried in my memory. Why? because I had a crush on him for it seems like forever. So did most of my friends and I don’t think he even looked twice at me. Ever. After class, I approached him thinking for sure I’d jog his memory and said: “Hi, I remember you from the Glendora club”. His face drew a blank, I told him my name… still nothing. I walked away from the conversation disappointed but then laughed to myself as I remembered a similar situation a few years back……..

“What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down. Now, who’s crying desiring to come back to me”

Three years ago I was in the middle of teaching a cycle class. A middle-aged gentleman with grey hair accompanied by a young girl who was maybe 20 came into my class late and sat to my left (the room was set up horseshoe style so they were looking right at me). As the class progressed I felt his eyes on me every time I turned to look at him. He has this shit eating grin on his face and the look in his eye like he had seen me naked. Clearly, I was uncomfortable and gave him one of my “WHAT?!” looks but I could still feel his eyes burning through my body.

After class, the couple approached me. He spoke to me as if we were old friends telling me how he had been looking for me over the past few years and was so happy to see me. (I still have NO CLUE who this guy is). Then the girl started in, “he has told me so much about you, I am so happy to finally meet you, you are as beautiful as he described blah blah blah”. Now I’m totally lost and am absolutely sure they have me confused with someone else.

So I say, “I’m sorry, I must have forgotten your name” thinking it will spark some type of memory of this guy.”He replies it, ME Joe! Still nothing, So I say, “Ya, I still don’t follow”…. and he looks at me with surprise…..”We dated for over a year!!!”


Ok, in my defense, “dating” is putting it loosely, but still, there is NO way this old man with grey hair is the Joe that I recall having a mostly sexual relationship in my 20’s. So I turn to the girl and say, oh, are you his daughter? Fair question considering he LOOKS like he is in his mid 40’s and why else would he want me to meet her? “No, I’m his girlfriend she says with a giggle”.


So lets back up a little, Joe and I went to high school together and reconnected in our mid-twenties. The Joe I “dated” had long dark curly hair (mid-90’s… it was hot). Was in a rock band and we had chemistry that was off the charts. I was single AND worked at a gym all through my twenties so no harm no foul and there were quite a few “Joe’s” over the years. I’m not even sure how things ended but apparently, our relationship meant a lot more to him than it did to me.

Fast forward 20 years and in my mind, I still am in my mid-20’s, and honestly have aged well due to a healthy lifestyle and botox/ fillers (just being real). Joe on the other hand had cut off the sexy mane and let his hair go completely grey. I stood dumbfounded that this was the same guy.

Luckily, I had another class to go teach so I excused myself and got the hell out of there. I left Joe with his bruised ego and infant girlfriend and never looked back.

To be honest, I was slightly traumatized (for like 10min) after our one and only meeting. But can you imagine poor Joe? A whole year of booty calls and I honestly didn’t remember, guess we didn’t have that great of chemistry after all.

Word of wisdom: Yea I’ve got nothing. This was just one of my many stories that are true, sometimes sad, and always a little funny.

“What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down. Its called Karma, baby and it goes around”-Karmastition-A Keys

Keepin’ it real…A.K.



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