The Carters

“I can’t believe we made it (this is what we made made made). This is what were are thankful for. I can’t believe we made it. This is what were are thankful for (this is what we thank thank thank). I can’t believe we made it….Have you ever seen a crowd going Apeshit!?”

So, as I have mentioned  I bought tickets to the Carters OTR2 concert months ago. One minute after the pre-sale opened in March, I had my computer and credit card out ready to go. I have been looking forward to this day ever since. Two of my favorite people and I sat at the gym and quickly picked out our seats which seemed like a decent seat for an indecent price.. but that was okay because we were going. I was FINALLY going to see Beyonce’ in the flesh. My idol, my inspiration, my motivation. The woman who shared the same type of pain that I had and wrote about it. Sang about it. (Made money off it). And survived it. Making a choice; to save her family, her empire, and her marriage. I am sure it was not an easy decision, and although Sean Carter (Jay z) seems like a pretty strong dude, I am positive he pays the price for his infidelity just about every day.

The concert day arrives and I am wearing the pony to shame all ponies, (it really deserves its own blog but maybe another time.).. ripped jeans and my slay shirt (middle fingers up). I’m ready to go… The girls and I jump in the car and take the long journey to the Rose Bowl. We get there early and walk around checking out the merch and people watching. I notice a lot of women wearing blue lipstick which I thought was strange and felt the need to post a video on my snap chat story, But aside from that and the hundreds of girls dressed like Bee’s (The Beehive), everything was perfect.

We migrate towards the entrance and pass security no problem BECAUSE WE READ THE RULES, anxious to find our seats.

Did I mention we were at the Rose Bowl? So when I say seats, I really mean a two-foot space on a steel bench but that’s okay…

We find our section, and start to climb the stairs to our row. Row 77. When we were picking out our seats row 77 didn’t seem too bad. I figured each section had 100 rows give or take. The map didn’t indicate breaks in the sections but I’ve been to enough concerts to know that most sections are broken up into 25 or 50 rows. What we did see was at least our section was closer to the middle of the stage than either side.

So we start climbing…. Ok remember now I AM A FITNESS INSTRUCTOR, my friends are also students… we are in good shape… But these stairs…. They were deep and high and kept going on and on. I was huffing and puffing like I had never seen the inside of a gym let alone spend half my life there.

And we climbed and climbed until we reached the top… ROW 77! We were in the LAST row of the stadium… I immediately start complaining “there has to be some mistake… these cant be our seats” (bench). Sure enough row 77 was the last row….

Ok, Ok judge me all you want… But I was disappointed. The only positive of our seating situation is the cement wall was behind us so at least we were able to sit back and relax.

Once the show began, I forgot that we were in the very last row (except for the fact that we couldn’t even see the tiny little figures on the stage that were apparently Jay and B). Fortunately, the screens were working and the sound system was perfect. And even though I couldn’t really see her…. I could feel her. I got to watch their story unfold. A story of love, life ,and forgiveness. The Carters did an amazing job of being transparent and honest with their audience. The good and the bad… we got it all; mixed in with some Big Pimpin and Feeling Myself.  And even though most everyone has heard the rumors and the lyrics of the songs…. They put it all together and made sure their message was sent “THIS IS REAL LOVE”.

The next morning I woke up with a new sense of purpose. Love.. maybe to find it, or maybe to give more away, but I feel lighter. Freer. Inspired to re-write my own love story. Or maybe it’s just time to add on to it. Queen B has done it again….

Love always wins- A.K.







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