Here we go….. again

New day, same shit…

I do not want this blog to go left and be negative but I am honestly frustrated in both myself and the people who I allow to affect my life. The complainers. 

It seems that some people love to complain, criticize, blame and deflect. When you work in service (which I have written about before) you, unfortunately, get a lot of other peoples shit thrown at you. Most of the time it isn’t about you. But sometimes it is.

I am the first one to admit that I am not perfect. I have my good and bad days, just like you. I get sick, just like you. I get tired, just like you. I feel insecure, annoyed, uneasy and anxious, just like you.

The difference is… I own it. I will admit when I am wrong and am happy to apologize when appropriate. I fuck up sometimes, but so do you.

Why is it that because I choose the role to teach, inspire, and motivate somehow that gives people more ammunition to come for me? Have you ever tried teaching a spin, yoga, weight training or seniors class? If you do or have, I bet you have never once complained about the instructor. If you have an issue, you have the professional courtesy to speak directly TO that instructor. See, that is how it is supposed to be. And why complain at all??? What do you think will get resolved by bringing your negative energy into a situation that may or may not been based solely on your interpretation?? Are you a mind reader? Is that instructor really out to GET you? No, get over yourself.

We currently live in a society that makes it okay to be disrespectful. Rules no longer exist and its every self-entitled asshole for themselves. When did this happen? Why????

A person like me can bust my ass to please people who will never actually be happy with anything. Then they use their voices to create drama that can affect my job, my life because whatever I did or didn’t do wasn’t what they wanted. “I just want to be left alone” nope, sorry you came into my class where I am not only responsible for your safety but it’s my job to guide your workout (and kick your ass).  “I don’t need/want your help” THEN WHY DID YOU COME TO CLASS???? It’s not mandatory, there is no law that states you must participate in group exercise classes 3x a week. So why are you here? I ask that question in my classes all the time. Not for me, I am not looking for an answer but for my students. Why did you get out of bed this morning, put on your workout clothes, and come to class? To complain about me??? girl BYE!

Exhausting huh? Now add- the ability to instruct and motivate while actually working out to the equation… Do you wonder why the turnover in fitness instructors is so high?

It’s a tough job, one that I used to LOVE. Now, as you can tell, it’s starting to weigh on me. It takes me to a place that I don’t want to go. It scares me because I am one of the good ones. One of the few that actually still care… What will happen if  I stop showing up?

“Just get ready for work, work, work, work, work. You see me I be work, work, work, work, work. You never see me do dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt. When you gonna learn, learn, learn, learn, learn. I don’t even care if I’m tired, tired, tired, tired, tired”-Rihanna

But I do show up. Every day I show up. Not just because it’s my job and I actually have a work ethic. But because not everyone sucks and the good does outweigh the bad. Unfortunately, all I ever hear is the negative stuff. So maybe, just maybe, this week we will all have more compassion for each other. For ourselves. Compliments and or a “thank you” goes a long way. I will try harder. I hope you will too.

Until the next episode…. A.K.

11 thoughts on “Here we go….. again

  1. Thank you Kellie for being a good instructor. That why I like going to your class. A lot of instructors do not work us seniors like you do.Because of your instruction I am walking.


  2. You’re inspiring, Kellie!! Never lose sight of the positive impact you have on the lives of so many. Negativity comes from “sour people” who thrive on dragging others down. As your blog states, “listen carefully”—There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you. You’re the best!!💞

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