Later for now…..

Oooohh child, things are gonna get easier, oooh child things will be brighter. Keep your head up. Oooh child things are gonna get easier, ooooh child things will be alright……

On March 23, 2019 at 3:42pm, My mother transitioned to a better place. A place where her body no longer failed her and her mind was as clear as a summer day. I know in my heart my father is there waiting for her and together they will continue thier journey together.

The stories that come from such a short time are both sad and funny. As a family, we all tried to find humor in any given sitaution. Most people think that’s weird or scary. I think it’s just how its always been.

A few hours ago we were laughing, right now I am not. I am, however, grateful to have this time with my mom, just us, as she starts to float away.

The process of withdrawing care isn’t exactly how I imagined it to be. I guess unless you’ve done this before, no one really knows what to expect. But I was definately not expecting this. Oooh child things are gonna get easier, oooh things will get brighter.

Death is scary. It is. No one wants to admit it, but its true. I am sitting here watching my Mom and I wonder what is happening? Is she dreaming? Is she at a party with my dad like Rose and Jack in the Titanic? Man, I sure hope so. Can she hear me talking to her? Did she hear me say goodbye?

It has all happened so fast, even though the hours we spent in this room seemed endless… The rollercoaster that was nine weeks in this hospital seemed like forever. Every day it was something new, yet now I can’t believe we are actually here.

The end.


Dedicated to my Mom Diana Sue Davison Bibo 6-8-42 to 3-23-19

My brother and I, along with our 7 collective children will forever hold you, and cherish you, in our hearts, minds, and in our laughter.

12 thoughts on “Later for now…..

  1. I didn’t even want to “like” this post because it is so so sad but I like how well written it was/is.

    When I saw the headline (topic) I was thinking, “I hope this doesn’t mean her Mom died”. Then I continued reading and my next thought was “Oh gosh…Noooooo.”

    I don’t have any words but “I am sooooo sorry”. I’m glad you were laughing together just a few hours before.


      1. I look forward to reading about it.

        Again, please accept my condolences. I am so glad to have learned about how wonderful a woman your mother was through your writing.


  2. All, I can say is that she is in a better place now. You are so strong; I truly admire you.

    Sending love to you and your family 🤗


  3. Such a beautiful lady inside and out. So grateful Ri and I were able to meet her. I was overjoyed to see her out on the helipad. She was ready to take flight. No more pain or suffering for her. She knew you were there saying goodbye and that’s why she left. She was ready to take her journey to the afterlife where she will be pain free. You have difficult days ahead but all your memories will get you through the tough times. You are not alone and you will always rest assured that your mama was not alone in the end either. ❤️❤️

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  4. Such a beautiful memory captured in your writing!! Your Mom was a beautiful woman and the bo d you shared is like no other. May she rest in peace now. May all of these happy memories of her live within you and comfort you during this time of sadness. Sending my condolences, love, and friendship to you and your family.🙏❤️

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  5. Oh honey
    I’m so sad for your loss x please take some time to look after you and your beautiful daughter xx


  6. That was beautiful Kellie! Your Mom is such an amazing person! I was thinking how long I have know her and it’s been like 20 years. She is such an inspiration to many. I have always looked up to her. I am so sorry for your families lost! I love Diana very much and I am happy went to see her in the hospital. She is definitely one of a kind! Love you all! 🙏🏻


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